Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homework Book Page 52-55

My scribe post includes the questions : 4 on page 53 . 2 on page 54 . 4 on page 55 .

Question 4 Page 53
Draw at least four possible nets for a cube. (Each net must fold to create a cube)

Question 2 Page 54
Find the Surface area of the 3-D object
First, you must find the dimensions of the top, front, and side. You then multiply them by each other, as shown below. After you do that, you must add the products together, giving you the total surface area of 220.6cmsquared, 3.14msquared or 451.2cmsquared

Question 4 Page 55
Find the surface area of 3-D object

Here is a link that may help you with surface area
Here is a video that may help you with surface area

How many faces does a rectangular prism have?
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Cylinder Volume and Volume problems

The height to the nearest centimetre is 3.13. To get to this answer, you must divide the volume of the cylinder, by the area of its base, giving you the answer-- which is the height of the cylinder.

The answer to this question is 2.826cm^3.
To get this answer, you must find the area of both of the cylinders, like so. After you find both the areas, you subtract the cylinder that is on the outside, by the cylinder in the inside. You then have your answer.


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