Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bennette's Final Percent Post

PERCENT - means out of 100
-can be expressed as fraction (n/100) and as a decimal (o.1)

4.1 Representing Percents:
- One completely shaded grid represents 100%
- If you need to shade more than 100, you can use another grid.
- To show a fractional percent between 0% and 1%, shade part of one square
- To represent a fractional percent more than 1%, shade squares from a hundred grid to show the whole number and part of one square from the grid to show the fraction.


4.2 Fractions,Decimals, and Percents
Fractions, decimals, and percents can be used to show numbers in different situations.
-Percents can be written as fractions and as decimals.


4.3 Percent of a Number
We can use mental math techniques such as halving, doubling, and dividing by 10 to find the percents of some numbers.
- To calculate the percent of a number, write the percent as a decimal and then multiply by the number.

12 1/2 % of 50 = 0.275 x 50
= 13.75

4.4 Combining Percents
Percents can be put together by adding to solve problems.
eg. 5% + 7% = 12% ( We always use 12% as tax in our case)
- You can add the combined percent amount to the original number.
eg. 15 % of 100 = 0.15 x 100 = 15
100 + 15 = 115
- You can multiply the original number by a single percent greater than 100.
eg. 155% of 100 = 1.15 x 100
= 115
- Percents of percents can be used to figure out amounts that result from consecutive percent increases or decreases


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