Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karen's Square Root Scribepost

2.) How would you find use prime factorization to determine the square root of 225.
What I did is first I look at the perfect square chart that we made then I saw that 225 is a perfect square then I saw that the square root is 15. Then so I made this.

6.) a.) The prime factorization of 64 is 2x2x2x2x2x2

b.) 64 is a perfect square because the first pair of numbers are the same.

11.) The square of 9 is 81 because if you multiply 9 and 9 the answer will be 81.
b.) the square of 11 is 121 because if you multiply 11 and 11 the answer will be 121.

15.) a.) 7

b.) 8


Here is a video if you want to understand it more.


  1. GREAT JOB KAREN! I liked the way you used a lot of different colors. Next time try to put a link for us to look at. Other than that, good job and keep it up!

  2. GOOD JOB KAREN! Your scribe is really well done. I liked how you put a lot of efforts in your scribe and that's the most important thing.Keep up the good word buddy!:)

  3. Great job Karen! I liked how you added in colors, a video, and pictures. Next time, add in a link :). Keep it up!

  4. great job Karen. I liked how you put colors,video,links, and how you take a picture of your work. Keep it up

  5. Good job, Karen! I like how you took pictures of your work and included colour. Next time, make sure you add in a link. Keep it up!