Sunday, October 17, 2010

Michael's math profile.

Hey, I'm Michael, and I am a grade 8 math student . If someone asked me if I like math, I would say 'kind of' because sometimes it's easy for me to learn, but at the same time hard to understand. The thing I liked the most in math class, was doing the spinners for circle graphs, and we would all guess which colour it was going to land on !

Last year in grade 7, my favourite unit we studied, was fractions, because it was really easy, and we learned how to add and subtract them. I did well in this unit because, it was very easy for me to understand what was going on, and what was going to come next. The unit I had a hard time was converting the decimals, because sometimes I would get confused.

This year, in grade 8 math, I will become successful, by studying hard and finishing all my homework and getting good grades on tests. I would like to learn more about algebra, and anything else that's new to us and become a better and smarter student for all units.

My favourite blog I did last year, was the one I first did, because it was the day we first learned how to blog and I think I improved throught the year. Blogging helped me a lot because we gave and got feedback from our classmates saying what we can do better next time. I want to do more blogging this year, and just have fun !


  1. Great Job Michael! I like your information. Keep it up!

  2. GREAT JOB MICHAEL! Your paragraphs are good. Next time try to make your fonts a bit bigger. Other than that, good job and keep it up!

  3. Good Job Micheal! I like the way that you were honest about your opinions, but you could've made your fonts a little bit bigger, other than that GOOD JOB!