Sunday, October 31, 2010


* For this scribe I was assigned to answer numbers 18, 20 and 22*

18. The questions says that if the square floor mat has a side length of 14 m, what is the area of the square floor mat in square meters?

Here is my answer:

20. Now, this questions says that Adam's uncle has instructions for building a shed, but a page of the instructions was not as clear as he taught.

a) The questions asks for the area of the rectangle, and here is my answer:

b) This time , it asks for the side length of the square, and this is what comes up to my mind:

22. This number asks for three questions that are all connected to the largest in Beijing that has an are of 396, 900 m squared.

a) This question is asking about what are the dimensions of the square, and I answered,

b) This question asked if the dimension would be 629m by 629m, what would be the answer, and I answered this:

c)This question is asking if the area is less than 394, 000 but greater than 386,000,what will be the dimensions between those numbers, and I answered it like this:

Here's a link if you need help with finding area for rectangles or squares:

And a video too,

Thanks for looking at my scribe, and don't forget to comment!


  1. Great job Trish! I liked how you added in color, videos, link, and right info. Your scribe was also neat, and organized. Next time, maybe you could use a darker color than yellow, but its fine :). Great job! btw; I like your writing (yy)

  2. Excellent job trish! I liked how you took pictures of your work, how you used a lot of color and how you added a video. Keep it up (:

  3. Good Job Trish! I like how you put the videos and your scribe is colourful! It's neat and organized keep up the goodwork!

  4. GREAT JOB TRISH! I liked the way you added in videos, pictures, a link, and lot of colors. KEEP IT UP!

  5. Awsome job Trish! I liked how you took pictures of your work, and how you used a lot of color and how you added a video. Keep up the great work.

  6. Excellent post Trish, I really like how you took pictures of the work you did also the post is very organize!

  7. Great job Trish i like how you took picture of your work and put a videos and a link. Keep it up

  8. Great job, Trish! I like you took pictures of your own work. Next time, try not to use so much colour, and just highlight the main keywords.