Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thessa's Sesame Street Video Post

Group Members:Karen Sule
:Windy Tabaquero
:Thessa Baldo-Oduca

two-term ratio: Compares 2 quantities in the same units. (a:b)
three-term ratio: Compares 3 quantities in the same units.(a:b:c)
part-to-part:Compares different parts of a group to each other. (a:b, 5:7)
part-to-whole:Compares one part of the group to a whole group.It can be written as a fraction,deciaml and a percent. ( 7:all numbers ,7:20)

Rate: Compares 2 quantities measured in different units. (3km/4 hours)
unit rate: A rate where the second rate is one. (7 letters/1 minute)
unit price: Used when shoppping. ($o75/1ml)

Proportional Reasoning: A relationship that says that 2 rates or ratios are equal. It can be written in fraction form.
3/9 = 9/27 x3

Original Video:
Cookie Monster Questions Prarie Dawn



  1. Great job you guys! I liked how your video was very creative, & I liked your outfits (: . Next time, add in all the information you need in your post.

  2. That was a great video girls, and bless you Thessa. I like how you got custumes. And good job adding the information. Keep up the good work!

  3. GREAT JOB THESSA! Your scribe was neat and I liked the way you used different colors to make important words stand out. Nice costumes and your video turned out good, too. FANTASTIC JOB and KEEP IT UP!

  4. great job girls! I liked your video a lot because you had costumes, props and whatnot ;D and nice blog too, but you could've added in a little more colors.

  5. Great job guys! I really liked how you put a lot of effort in your video.Keep it up!:)