Wednesday, November 3, 2010


1) Explain a² + b² = c²

a² + b² = c²
(4x4) + (3x3) = c²
16 + 9 = c²
25 = c²

So, a² in this case is 4 cm².
B = 3 cm² and C = 5 cm²
So, when you want to figure out what the hypothenuse is, you use this formula. So once you figure out that c² = 25, you find the square root of 25 which is 5 and that's what the hypothenuse on this triangle is.
* Notice that 3², 4² and 5² are all perfect squares.
( 3x3=9 ) ( 4x4=16 ) ( 5x5=25)

2) Use a second grid to create a² + b² = c²
Make the triangle
Look at picture.

3) C² to C ... How ?

To find out how to get C² to C you have to multiply the number by itself.
Ex. 5² you have to multiply 5 by itself.
5x5 = 25.
Then if you want to get from C to C² you have to do the opposite. This time, you have to figure out the square root of your number.
Ex. The square root of 25 is 5.

This site should help you figure out the length of the hypothenuse and plus it has many formulas.
THANKS FOR READING MY SCRIBE POST ! And extra thanks to Mr. Harbeck for helping me make this scribe better :) Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions you have.


  1. The second questions refers to using squares to prove the theorem. What is 4^2^ mean. Think about the last unit we did. Do you see it anywhere on your page.. and what about 3^2^? Just asking. You will figure it out by tomorrow and add a beautiful pic by then. Good job. Not perfect but done and informative. Ustream Video

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