Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diana's Pythagoras Scribe Post

Homework for the weekend : Pages 91-94 #1-21

My homework was questions : 3, 8, 11, & 16

3. Kendra wrote the Phythagorean relationship as r2= p2 + q2. Is she correct ? Explain.

Kendra is incorrect. Leg2 + leg2 = hypotenuse2. Since the legs are r and q and the hypotenuse is p, It should be r2+q2=p2 or q2+r2=p2.

8. Is the triangle shown a right triangle ? Explain your answer.

The triangle is not a right triangle. For this triangle to be a right triangle, the area of the two smaller squares must equal the area of the larger one. Because a + b = 60 not 50.

11. The side lengths of a triangle are 5 cm, 6cm, and 8cm. Determine whether the triangle is a right triangle. explain.

It is not a right triangle since the sum of the areas of the two smaller squares aren't equal to the larger square. (6x6)= 36cm2 , (5x5)= 25cm2, 36+25=61. 61 doesn't equal 64.

16. Baldeep is building a wooden box for storing coloured pencils. The box will have rectangular sides that are 12 cm wide and 20 cm long. Show how Baldeep can be sure the sides are rectangular, without using a protractor.

A2 + B2 = C2 ,
(12x12)+(20x20)= C2,
144cm2 +400cm2= C2,
544cm2= C2.
The box with be 544cm2.


Tell me if I did anything wrong. Also make sure to have all your work done for monday.


  1. Good job Diana, I like how you changed the font color on some of the important words, but next time try adding some pictures.

  2. GREAT JOB DIANA! I think you explained your answers well. Also, I liked the way you posted a video for us to look at. However, you could've added a link and pictures. GOOD JOB and KEEP IT UP!

  3. GOOD WORK DIANA! I liked the way that you used colors, videos and whatnot ;D Next time try making your fonts a little bigger and try adding a link too, over all you did an awesome job!

  4. Good Job Diana! I like how you explained you work and the video. Keep up the Goodwork!

  5. Great job Diana I like how you explain all your work and put a video. but next time try putting in a picture and link. Keep up the great work

  6. Awsome job Diana!
    I like how you explained all your work and put a video. Also you put colour in for the key words. Next time you should put a link and some pictures, most likely of your own work. But keep up the good work.

  7. Great job Diana! I liked how you had colors, It was neat & organized, you had a video, and explained your answer. Next time, you can try putting in a link & pictures.

  8. Great job, Diana! I like how it was neat and organized. Next time try adding in a link and some pictures.

  9. Good Job Diana =) Your post was very neat and organized. I liked how you included a video! But next time, you can try adding picture(s) and maybe even a link! Overall, keep it up!