Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marilen's Pythagoras Scribe Post

Homework for the weekend : Pages 91-94 #1-21
My homework was questions 2, 7, 14, & 18.

2) A triangle has side lengths of 7cm, 11cm, & 15cm. Explain how you can determine whether or not it is a right triangle.

In order for a triangle to be a right triangle, a²+b²=c². In this case, a²+b² does NOT equal therefore, this is NOT a right triangle.

7) The sides of a right triangle measure 9cm, 12cm, & 15cm.

a) What is the area of each square attached to the three sides of the right triangle?

area for a²= 144cm²
area for b²= 81cm²
area for c²= 225cm²

b) Write an addition statement showing the relationship between the areas of the three squares.

c) Describe, using words and symbols, the relationship between the side lengths of each square.
-The area sum of the squares a & b equals the area of square c.

14) Show whether each triangle in the table is a right triangle.

18)The diagram is made of two triangles and five squares.

a) What is the area of square X?

The area of square X is 28cm²

b) What is the area of square Y?
The area of square Y is 16cm² because the hypotenuse for the 2 triangles is 28cm², and side B is 12cm², therefore 16cm²+12cm² = 28cm². The question was basically asking, ' what + 12cm² = 28cm²? ', in my point of view.

Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagoras Theorem



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