Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homework, Show you know


Show you know #1
A triangle has side lengths of 12 cm , 16 cm & 20 cm.
a) What are the area of the three squares that can be drawn on the sides of the triangle?
b) Is the triangle a right triangle? Explain.

Show you know #2
The side of a right angle triangle is 9 cm , 12 cm & 15 cm.
a) sketch a picture of the triangle. Draw a square on each side of a triangle.
b) what is the area of each square.
c) write an additional statement using the areas of the 3 squares.


  1. GOOD JOB WINDY! I liked the way you put the questions there so we don't have to look to
    the work book . Also, you could've included some links, videos, or pictures to help us learn better. Try to explain it so people that are absent could still learn by reading your scribe.

  2. Good job Windy! You could've added a video and a link too but it was fine. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job Windy!
    I liked that you put the questions in so we don't have to look at the work book. It would of been better if you put some pictures, links, or videos. But good job and keep it up.

  4. GREAT JOB WINDY! I liked the way that you typed in the so in case we don't know what the site is it from, Next time try adding in some videos, pictures and links but you did a great job! KEEP IT UP.

  5. Great job windy you could've added a video and a link. but still good keep up the great work.

  6. Great job Windy! I liked how you added the question in. Next time, try putting in so videos, pictures, links & some color if possible, but great job :)

  7. Good Job Windy =) This post didn't really need anymore pictures, links or videos but you could've highlighted some important words.

  8. Great job, Windy! I like how you added in the question. Next time, try to add pictures, a link, a video and some colour.