Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daniel's Pythagoras Scribe Post

Hope you all did your homework ! The pages were 91 - 94 . If you were stuck on any of of the following numbers ( 2, 7, 14, & 18. ) i hope this helped you .

2) A triangle has side lengths of 7cm, 11cm, & 15cm. Explain how you can determine whether or not it is a right triangle.
In order for a right triangle to be a right triangle , a2 + b2 = c2 . In this question a2 + b2 does not equal c2 . Therefore this triangle is not a right triangle.

7) The sides of a right triangle measure 9cm, 12cm, & 15cm.

a) What is the area of each square attached to the three sides of the right triangle?




b) Write an addition statement showing the relationship between the areas of the three squares.
c) Describe, using words and symbols, the relationship between the side lengths of each square.

- The area of square a2 + square b2 is equvilent to square c2.

14) Show whether each triangle in the table is a right triangle.

18)The diagram is made of two triangles and five squares.

The area of square x is 28cm²

b) What is the area of square Y?

The area of square Y is 16cm2 because the hypotenuse for the 2 triangles is 28cm², and side B is 12cm2, therefore 16cm2+12cm2 = 28cm2. I think the question is asking ___ + 12cm2 = 28cm2

Links : Pythagorean Theorem ( this is the video )
Thank you Marilen for helping me finish this . Hope you all liked it (:


  1. AWESOME JOB DANIEL! I liked the way that you added in A LOT of pictures to explain your work and that you added in some colors, but why is there a MASSIVE space in the bottom? Anyways, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  2. I took it out . Thanks for the comment .

  3. Good Job Daniel! I like how you added pictures and you explain your work and how you added some colors.Keep up the Goodwork!

  4. Great job Daniel. I like how you added pictures and how you explain all of your work and put so colors . but next time put a video keep it up

  5. Great job Daniel! I liked how you had color, right information, pictures, & links. Next time, you might want to move the picture so all the information isn't so squished. But great job! & you're welcome!

  6. Great work Daniel, I liked how all the pictures are very clear and how there is a lot of information.

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