Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cylinder Homework

r= d/2

=2 .π. r. r+ 2.π.r.h
=2. 3.14 . 3.5 . 3.5+2 . 3.14 . 3.5 . 7
= 76.93 + 153.86
= 230.79cm 2


=2 .π. r. r+ 2.π.r.h
=2 . 3.14 . 7.5 . 7.5 + 2 . 3.14 . 7.5 . 18
=353.25 + 847.8
=1201.05cm 2

=2 .π. r. r+ 2.π.r.h
=2 . 3.14 . 6.5 . 6.5 + 2 . 3.14 . 6.5 . 20
=265.33 + 816.4
=1081.73cm 2

A link to about cylinders:

r= d/2

v=( r x r) x h
v=(3.14 x 4 x 4) x 10v=50.24m 2 x 10
v= 502.4m 3

=251.2m 3

Then you subtract the volume of the smaller cylinder to the bigger cylinder which will give you the amount of concrete needed for the culvert.

Concrete= 5.024m 3 - 7.85m 3
Concrete= 2.826m 3


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