Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marie's Volume Post

Things to remember:
  • The bases are circles
  • Radius is half a diameter
  • Diameter cuts a circle in half
  • Circumference is the perimeter of a circle
  • Pi is the ratio between circumference/diameter or 3.14

Circumference - pi (d) = c
Radius - d/2 = r
Diameter - 2r = d or c/pi

Area of a circle:
pi (r²) or pi (r) (r)

Net of a cylinder:

lxw = a

pi (r) (r) = a
d = 2r
r = d/2

c = pi(d)

Here are the answers on our homework.
*I'm only showing one of each (diameter, circumference, radius) because Mr. Harbeck told me to.*

Here is a link on cylinders.

A video to help you learn the surface area of a cylinder:

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems




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