Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ryan's Algebra Post

Algebra - Writing mathematical phrases using letters to represent numbers.
Eg. a-15= -27
a= -12
Variabale- A letter represents a number in an algebraic equation or expression.
Eg. b-13=0
Constant- The integer in an algebraic equation or experssion
Eg. 21-n=18
Expression- Pattern, many answers
eg. 6x=12
Equations- Only has one answer and an equal sign
Eg. 8x=32

Solving One Step Equations :

Solving Two Step Equations :
Isolate the variable
Cancel the constant, by using zero pairs
Balance, by doing it to the other side
Verify to check

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  1. Great job Ryan (: I like how you had pictures, explanation, videos, and a link. Keep it up (y)