Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Karen's Algebra Post

Algebra: Writing mathematical expressions using letters to show numbers.
Variable: the unknown,use a letter to represent a number
Constant: the integer in algebraic expression or equation
When there are (-) multiply divide cancel with the same integer

Solving One Step Equations
Adding and Subtracting
1 Isolate the variable
2.Cancel using the opposite-create a zero pair for the constant
3. Balance on the other side of the equal sign
4.Verify your answer

Multiplying and Dividing

1. Isolate the variable

2. Cancel using the opposite -multiply and divide

3. Balance

4. Verify

Solving Two Step Equations
1. Isolate the variable
2. Cancel the constant
3. Balance
4. Simplify the variable
5. Balance
6. Verify

One Step
Two Step


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